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Jenois (Gen-wa) Lois Harris, resides in Hemet, California with one of her two adult sons and his marmalade cat, Nanette. She says that she and her son tell everyone that the cat is French because she has a French sounding name, however, the cat is actually Mexican, having been brought over the border at San Ysidro by a neighbor when he returned to California after visiting his family in Tia Juana, Mexico.

An Army brat, Jenois spent the first years of her life in her home state of Louisiana, leaving at eight years of age to travel with her mother, step-father, and eight siblings to Germany, Texas, Massachusetts and California. Jenois is the eldest of the eight siblings.

She credits her interest in writing to her second grade teacher who noticed early on that she has an ability to use words creatively.


One day, on the playground, I had a heated argument with a classmate. She called my mother a sheep. I called her mother a peach. Our teacher heard us and sent us to the principal's office. As punishment for our so called deviant language we were both assigned days to sit in the principal's office and cut out newspaper clippings. The principal's office was warm and the principal let me eat my lunch, a tuna sandwich, early. Even though I liked the principal's office, I was afraid of the principal so as long as I was enrolled in that school, I made sure that I never got into another argument with anyone or used language that would land me in his office again.

Jenois says that the teacher who turned her and her classmate in to the principal was a kind and caring person. She told me that I have a high mind and encouraged me to write my thoughts in a little composition notebook that she gave me. Even though she whipped my scrawny little legs when I stayed past recess, stretched out, daydreaming under a sycamore tree, I forgave her because in my heart I know that her only wish for me was for me to live a good life. I'll always remember her with gratitude.

After spending thirty-one years working Civil Service jobs in the Los Angeles County area and fourteen years as a Realtor in the Inland Empire, Jenois is no longer daydreaming. She is putting pen to paper and while she says she is not ready to write the great American novel, she does want to write stories that interest readers.

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