The Dark Side Of The Dream

Across The Azure Sea

(Dedicated to the three children who died when their distraught mother drove the family van off the Long Beach, California pier into the ocean)

His family traveled from their homeland

Across the azure sea

In search of a better tomorrow

In search of the American dream

From childhood they’d heard stories

Of the opulence and wealth

That flow through the land like water

Well-springs of opportunity

Well-springs of opportunity

In their homeland there are not many freedoms

Riches are for the powers that be

I want more for our children he told her

We must cross the azure sea

We must cross the azure sea


Come with me my darling

A better life we’ll see

We can build our dreams for tomorrow

Across the azure sea

Across the azure sea

Their new land is not what she expected

The violence and the crime

Filled her with trepidation and ate into her mind

She told her husband of her worry

She begged for them to flee

Return to their homeland

Across the azure sea

Across the azure sea

Her husband told her not to worry

He said she’d adjust in time

He didn’t discern her discontentment

Or the sense the agitation racing in her mind

He couldn’t comprehend her disappointment

Nor understand the reason she cries

His mind was focused on the dream

He couldn’t see that the dream

For her had died

The dream for her had died

Newspapers raged their story

Televisions blared:

News at five

Mother drove van into ocean